Our Lady of Fatima, the history of the secrets.
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The 6 Apparitions of the Virgin Mary
  Our Lady of Fatima, the history of the secrets.
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Our Lady of Fatima, the history of the secrets.
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The following year was the start of a long series of events. There were in fact 6 Apparitions of the Virgin Mary between 13th May 1917 and 13th October of the same year.
  • 13th May 1917: 1st Apparition
On her first Apparition, the Virgin Mary appeared to the 3 shepherd children dressed in white and asked them to come at the same time every 13th of the month for six months. She then added, "recite the rosary every day to obtain peace in the world and the end of the war".
  • 13th June 1917: 2nd Apparition
The following month, the children, accompanied by several hundred faithful, went to the appointment. After the collective prayer, the Virgin Mary appeared again and announced to Lucy: "I will soon take Francisco and Jacinta to heaven, but you will remain here for some time. Jesus wants to use you to make me known and loved". She then asked the young Lucy to learn to read and write to spread her word amongst mankind.


  • 13th July 1917: 3rd Apparition
On Friday, 13th July, the Virgin Mary appeared before Lucy and her cousins as on the other occasions. 4,000 people were at this event, even though they "saw" nothing themselves (as Lucy was the only one to see the woman in white, the faithful could only observe strange occurrences such as flashes, a halo of light, etc.). As with every Apparition, she addressed Lucy: "I want you to continue to say your rosary every day in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary to obtain the end of the war and peace in the world". During this Apparition, the Virgin Mary also announced 3 new prophecies that were to be kept secret by Lucy for some time. Two of these secrets were disclosed in 1942, the third in 2000.

  • 19th August 1917: 4th Apparition
On Monday 13th August, some 18,000 people went to the meeting place and saw some of the phenomena encountered at the previous Apparitions such as thunder, lightening, a halo of white light… but Lucy was not there and the Apparition did not occur.
The administrator of the canton had locked up Lucy and her two cousins, claiming that they were a disturbance to public order. He in fact wanted to know the secrets that the Virgin Mary had revealed to the children, even going so far as to threaten them with death to get them to talk, but in vain. Imprisoned for 2 days, they kept their secret and the administrator reluctantly released them.
It was therefore on Sunday 19th August that the Virgin appeared to the children asking them to continue to pray and promising them that at her last Apparition, she would accomplish a Miracle "to make everyone believe".
  • 13th September 1917: 5th Apparition
During the 5th Apparition on 13th September, around 30,000 faithful bowed before the messengers of the Virgin Mary - Lucy, Jacinta and Francisco - imploring their succour to heal the sick. It was at that moment that the Virgin Mary announced, for the following month, the coming of the Lord, of Our Lady of the Carmel and Saint Joseph with the infant Jesus.

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